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When a family is in crisis they need a support system.  For many families that support system either doesn't exist or their support doesn't have the resources to be able to address emergency needs.

Our PAW IT FORWARD program is a support system that is sustained by our community for our community.  It is neighbors helping neighbors and it represents the best of Beck's Place - loving families where they are at and being #bettertogether.

This program relies on the generosity of our community to go above and beyond their support of the day-to-day sponsorship necessary to keep Beck's Place operating.  

PAW IT FORWARD opportunities are unique to each family.  We have paid for motel rooms, provided furnishings to a homeless family moving in to housing, provided gas cards, sent notes and letters of encouragement to someone struggling, and provided meals to families recovering from illness.

We identify PAW IT FORWARD opportunities when working with families and are dependent on available funding at the time.

What is Paw It Forward?

At 71 years old Kelly had been living in her car with her dog, Tyler, for four years.  Our generous PAW IT FORWARD community raised funds to keep them in a motel for five of the coldest months of the year.  During that time we were able to assist Kelly with applications to many subsidized senior housing programs.  While waiting for permanent housing she is currently living inside helping with caretaking duties of a kind neighbor who saw a win-win for both of them.

Alex came to us to ask for help boarding her cat when she lost her housing.  After months of housing instability she finally had a new place to live.  Days before moving in her tires were slashed.  Faced with using her funds to pay her rental deposit or fix her tires the Beck's Place community stepped up to PAW IT FORWARD with new tires and a tow service.  Alex moved to her new home and was reunited with her cat, Sophie.

Rayliance's mom had a severe leg injury that resulted in multiple surgeries and her unable to work.  Having to take care of three dogs and a daughter was a lot for someone needing to rest.  The PAW IT FORWARD team came to the rescue bringing a meal train to the whole family to help mom rest and recover.

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