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Do you need to temporarily board your pet while you and your family seek stability, health and safety?


We know that your pet is a member of your family.  For many of you it is your sole source of support and the reason you keep fighting every day.  

We also know that your pet can sometimes be a barrier to getting the services you need - housing, medical, safety and treatment.  Our foster boarding program seeks to remove those barriers so you don't have to choose between you or your pet.

We work hard to place your pet in a home that meets his or her specific needs and is a good fit.  Please be prepared to provide us with your pet's medical and behavioral history so we can make a good match!


This program is available to low-income residents of Snohomish County or people seeking services in Snohomish County.  We prioritize applicants who are working with a service provider.  If you are interested in enrolling your pet in this program, please fill out the foster boarding application on our website.  If you have any questions, please contact us by phone/text (425) 419-8992, email at, or PM us on Facebook.  

I Don't Want to Lose My Pet!

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