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MEET BECK.  Beck is a dog that changed a community.  After years of loving cats, founder Melanie Ryan had finally said yes to a dog.  It was that dog that became the catalyst for the organization that is known today as Beck's Place. 


While Melanie had long wanted to serve her community in a deeply connected way she didn't know exactly what that meant.  She knew her career in finance along with a Masters in Social Work and a lifetime of volunteering would come together at some point.  But how did Beck fit in?

Once Beck came along Melanie noticed other people's dogs much more.  As she was volunteering she began to clearly see how many people were faced with the choice of taking care of themselves or taking care of their pet - but not both.  The results were heartbreaking.  Families remained in crisis, pets needed care and the outcomes were often tragic. 

There are social services and there are animal welfare services.  But there are few, if any, organizations that comprehensively provide services that care for an entire family - people and pets. 

Beck's Place changes the way families are served.  From our Foster Boarding Program to Paw It Forward we are taking care of both people and pets.  And what services we don't provide we partner deeply with other organizations to ensure families don't get lost in the system.

If we don't provide a service now we are probably planning for it the future.  With your support Beck's Place will continue to serve families in Snohomish County more holistically.  

We are just getting started.  #bettertogether

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