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Frequently Asked Questions about Fostering

Can I get help paying for pet supplies for my foster?

Yes, we now have a Barrier Free Foster Program (BFF).  Participants can choose from a monthly stipend or a monthly shipment of supplies.  For more information: 

BFF Program

Am I responsible for picking up my foster?

For confidentiality reasons, someone from Beck's Place will pick up your foster.  If your foster has any appointments, you can either transport him/her or ask for a volunteer to provide the transportation. 

Can I choose the type of pet to foster?

Yes, when you sign up to foster you can choose the type of pet, the size, and even the temperament or age that you are interested in fostering.  We have fosters who prefer just cats, small dogs, or older dogs - it is up to you   

What if I have questions while I am fostering?

Staff from Beck's Place will always respond immediately when there are emergencies.  If it is not an emergency, you can either text, call, or email a staff member and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if my foster gets sick?

You can contact the staff at Beck's Place and they will find (and pay for) any needed veterinary care.  As a preventative measure, we check in with fosters weekly to keep up on any possible health concerns.


How long will I be fostering?


As a foster, you choose the amount of time you are comfortable fostering.  Most of our foster placements range between 2-4 months, however sometimes it can be longer or shorter.  If something comes up and you are no longer able to foster, Beck's Place can find another placement for your  foster.

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